The APM application library currently has over 1600 pre-defined applications. It’s regularly updated and will suit most of your needs out of the box. But naturally, our library doesn’t have any of the custom apps your company uses internally. For maximum visibility, add those apps to the library so that APM can properly identify and classify the traffic they generate.

  1. Navigate to Usage > Host Details > Top Conversations.
  2. Select 50x50_trans.png > Define Custom Application.
  3. Complete the app definition. The the IP/port details of the conversation will be pre-populated.
  4. For each monitoring point, add your custom app to the APM application library.
  5. Navigate to Usage > Monitoring Points.
  6. Click Configure next to any monitoring point.
  7. Select Customized Applications from the drop down.
  8. Select an app from the drop-down, and if necessary click ‘+’ to add another app.
  9. Click Apply before navigating to any other configuration option, e.g., alert profiles.

Alternate method: Navigate to > Manage Applications, where you can either create a custom app from scratch, or edit a pre-defined application definition.

Re-apply after editing: After editing a custom app definition, you need to re-apply it to the monitoring point.