A schedule triggers periodic packet captures. Along with the other parameters you must specify for an individual capture, in a schedule you specify: the number of captures in the series, the repeat interval, and when the first capture starts. There are two ways to create a schedule:

  1. Select > Schedule This. This option pre-populates the schedule with capture parameters.


  1. Navigate to Usage > Packet Capture > Schedules.
  2. Click Create New Schedule.

When you stop a schedule from the capture schedules list page, the current capture and the schedule are stopped and you cannot restart them. When you stop a scheduled capture on the captures page, that capture stops but the schedule continues.

Each device can run only one packet capture at a time. If two scheduled captures overlap, only the first one to start will complete. The other fails 50x50_trans.png. Also, make sure you set a passphrase if you don’t set one, the schedule will run, but every capture will fail.