Capture interface
Some monitoring point models can can have multiple capture interfaces.
Packet limit
Specify the maximum number of bytes to store of each captured packet. Default: 96 bytes.
Range: 68 - 65,535. Deselect this option to capture entire packets.
Capture filter
Use libpcap syntax to specify which packets are captured, for example, those destined to a specific address and port. Leave this field blank to capture all packets. Filtering for only the traffic you care about will reduce the capture size, which affords a longer captured duration, and it ensures that the capture analysis is relevant to the problem you are trying to solve. For examples, click the help icon 50x50_trans.png
Related paths
For any paths that you specify here, an event is logged and marked on the path performance page.
Capture stop condition
For single captures, packet capture stops if any of the conditions are met. For scheduled captures, conditions are applied to each individual scheduled capture. You must specify a time limit, along with any other conditions.