If AppNeta doesn’t see your appliance, and so you can’t continue with appliance setup, first grab its current configuration. If you were able to get the config, we know three things: the appliance is on, the software is running, and the usb is working. Now, open the one and only html file and check the following:

  1. Are the network settings accurate?
  2. Is the appliance connected to the internet?
  3. What is the status of the sequencer?
  4. Is the appliance configured for to connect to AppNeta?

No IP address

Each appliance model has one port that is pre-configured for dhcp; make sure you’re using that one. See ports.

No connection to internet

If your network requires internet traffic to be forwarded by proxy, the appliance won’t be able to connect to AppNeta immediately after you complete usb configuration because the appliance doesn’t yet have the proxy details. You enter these details via the appliance’s web admin interface. See configuring an appliance to use a web proxy.


Start usage monitoring by navigating to Usage > Monitoring Points and click play on the monitoring point of interest. You’re going to receive one of the following messages:

Started capturing flows on …

If you got this message, you either forgot to start monitoring or someone turned it off. Don’t worry, it happens all the time. Go get a coffee, your first results will roll in in 5 to 10 minutes.

Monitoring has already been started ….

Usage monitoring is on. Good. Now check the ‘most recent traffic rate’ column. You’ve already established that no data is coming in, so this column should say either ‘0 kbps’, or ‘-‘.

  • If it says ‘0 kbps’, the monitoring point has established a connection with our servers and can upload data. So that means that there’s either something wrong with your cabling or your port-mirroring connection.
  • If it says ‘-‘, the monitoring point ssl connection to AppNeta is probably down. If this is in fact the case you won’t be able to reach web admin via the ‘launch web admin’ link on the manage monitoring points page. Check this link and then open a support ticket anyway. We’ll take it from there.

Failed to connect to the monitoring point …

Something is wrong with your monitoring point setup generally because our servers can’t reach it.

First try to reach web admin via the ‘launch web admin’ link on the manage monitoring points page. When you access web admin using this link, a capture server provides a reverse proxy so that your connection remains secure. If you can’t connect to web admin this way, double-check that outbound connections to web admin are not blocked by your firewall.

Check the device status. If the status is connection lost 50x50_trans.png next to it, continue troubleshooting here.