If APM doesn’t see your monitoring point so you can’t continue with monitoring point setup, first grab its current configuration. If you were able to get the config, we know three things: the monitoring point is on, the software is running, and the USB port is working. Now, open the one and only html file and check the following:

  1. Are the network settings accurate?
  2. Is the monitoring point connected to the Internet?
  3. What is the status of the sequencer?
  4. Is the monitoring point configured for to connect to APM?

No IP address

Each monitoring point model has one port that is pre-configured for DHCP (the port labeled Primary network connections in this table). Use that port to connect back to APM.

No connection to Internet

If your network requires Internet traffic to be forwarded by proxy, the monitoring point won’t be able to connect to APM immediately after you complete USB Configuration because the monitoring point doesn’t yet have the proxy details. You enter these details via the monitoring point’s Web Admin interface. See configuring a monitoring point to use a web proxy.