Use this page to help determine why your AppNeta monitoring point is not connecting to AppNeta Performance Manager (APM). The monitoring point is properly connected to APM when the status icon in > Manage Monitoring Points shows 50x50_trans.png.

The following table shows the requirements for the monitoring point to connect to APM and things to check if it is not connecting.

Requirements Things to check
The monitoring point must be powered on (the power LED will indicate this). Check that power button has been turned on.
  Check that power cable/adapter is plugged in to device and to a surge protected power source.
  Check that the power source is providing power.
  For virtual monitoring points, check that the virtual machine is running.
The monitoring point must be connected to the network (by default, use the Primary network connection port) Check that LEDs on the monitoring point port are on or blinking.
  Check that the cable is plugged into the correct monitoring point port.
  Check that the cable is connected to an L2 switch on the network.
The monitoring point must be configured to access APM and its system time must be correct. Check the monitoring point configuration (via USB) and verify that the following are as expected:
Time On System - time and timezone must be correct.
- Address Assignment - should be “Dynamic” (for DHCP) or “Static”
- IP address
- Subnet Mask
- Default gateway
- DNS servers
- Sequencer Status - should be “Operational”
- Internet Connection - should be “Available”
- Server Connection Status - should be “Connection OK”
If a proxy is being used, the monitoring point must be configured to connect through it. Check the proxy configuration on the monitoring point (via Web Admin).
  Verify that the proxy is reachable from the network the monitoring point is on.
  Verify that the APM servers have been allowed in any access controls which may exist on the proxy.
Your firewall must be configured to allow the monitoring point to connect to APM. Check the firewall configuration.

If you are still unable to resolve the issue, read the monitoring point configuration then contact AppNeta Support.