Troubleshoot: NMP

After you install the NMP, the next time you log in, you should be prompted to license it. After you assign it a license, you can view its status at any time on the Monitoring Points page.

  • A green icon Green circle with white check mark - The NMP is connected to AppNeta Performance Manager (APM).
  • A black icon - The NMP lost its connection to APM.

If you are not prompted to license the NMP after installing, or it lost its connection to APM, there are a few things you can check.


  1. Verify that the NMP is running. If “AppNeta Sequencer Service” does not exist, try “Apparent Networks Sequencer Service”.

    C:\>sc query "AppNeta Sequencer Service" | FindStr STATE
            STATE              : 4  RUNNING
  2. Verify that \AppNeta\Sequencer\config\nis.config exists.

    C:\>dir nis.config /s
     Volume in drive C is OS
     Volume Serial Number is 76EB-A0EC
     Directory of C:\Program Files (x86)\AppNeta\Sequencer\config
    01/15/2018  02:31 PM               268 nis.config
                   1 File(s)            268 bytes
  3. Confirm that an exception is added to the Windows firewall for the NMP.
  4. Check for errors in <installation directory>\AppNeta\Sequencer\log\Sequencer.log.

    C:\>FindStr "ERR" "C:\Program Files (x86)\AppNeta\Sequencer\log\Sequencer.log"
    ERR (6400|5880|Thu Feb 21 2018 15:43:39.741000 Could not connect to NIS at
  5. If you have difficulties, open a support ticket.


  1. Verify that the NMP is running.

    hostname:~ username$ ps -ef | grep netseq-mac
        0 34326     1   0 31Jan18 ??        84:23.07 ./netseq-mac --upgrade-validate --upgrade-timeout 60
    798102476 97641 81200   0 12:13pm ttys002    0:00.00 grep netseq-mac
  2. Verify that the file nis.config exists.

    hostname:~ username$ pwd
    hostname:~ username$ find /Library/PreferencePanes -name 'nis.config'
  3. Check for errors in Sequencer.log.

    hostname:~ username$ cat /Library/PreferencePanes/AppNetaSequencer.prefPane/Contents/Resources/log/Sequencer.log | grep ERR
    ERR (34326|4551471104|2018-02-19 18:15:09.979341 Could not connect to NIS at
  4. If you have difficulties, open a support ticket.