Troubleshoot: Monitoring Point blocked from accessing APM

A Monitoring Point is blocked from connecting to APM if it repeatedly establishes and drops connections (10 connections within 5 minutes). When this happens you will receive the following message in your AppNeta inbox:

‘Your Monitoring Point was unable to establish a connection normally and after multiple failed attempts has been blocked for the next 8 hours.’

This is an indication of a problem with the Monitoring Point or the network between the Monitoring Point and APM. In either case, you need to investigate the issue. This issue can occur if two Monitoring Points are configured with the same GUID. If so, one of them will need to be reconfigured. You can also try restarting the affected Monitoring Point as a simple first step.

In any case, the Monitoring Point is removed from the “blacklist” in APM after 8 hours and can try to reestablish the connection.

If you need you need the Monitoring Point unblocked prior to the timeout period, please contact AppNeta Support.