This report plots the same continuous monitoring voice data as the path performance page, except that for each voice metric, the charts plot multiple paths against each other.

  • Voice performance comparison shows you all of the voice performance reports on one page. Each of the remaining individual reports plots one voice metric from the path performance page.
  • You can select up to five paths to compare.
  • Hovering over a data point highlights the corresponding table row and updates its values. If you select a time range 24 hours or less, data for each minute is displayed; greater than 24 hours, data is summarized and the table correspondingly shows the average, minimum, and maximum for the summarized period.
  • Click the non-link portion of the a table row to highlight the data series for a path; use ctrl + shift to select or deselect a row.
  • Click the path name in the table to navigate to its path performance page.

After customizing this report, you can: