View the performance of the paths delivering an application. Performance across all locations is compared to the preceding period, and performance is also shown per location. The worst performing paths are identified.

Define an application
Applications are effectively defined through saved lists. First create a list of the paths delivering an application, then select that list from the drop-down. You can select more than one list, in which case the ‘all services summary’ section doesn’t double-count any paths; and when the lists represent different applications, the ‘all services summary’ effectively becomes a summary of how well you deliver applications in general.
Show top offenders
Show only the paths with the most amount of time in a state other than satisfactory. Time spent in violation state considers path alert and web alert violations.
‘Compared to the preceding period’
The duration of ‘preceding period’ is equal to the currently selected time range.
Violation or outage threshold
This value affects when the ‘by location’ time series is marked in black.

After customizing this report, you can: