Week of July 19, 2021 (EMP 13.2.1)

Update for: Windows NMP

Release notes for Enterprise Monitoring Point version 13.2.1.


  • New parameter for setting video test port—We have added a command line parameter (/VideoSignalling=<SomePort>) to allow you to set the video test port on the Windows NMP. Video tests are typically run on port 1720.
  • Cisco AnyConnect VPN interface detection—We have added the ability to detect which interface a Cisco AnyConnect VPN uses. This information is passed to AppNeta Performance Manager and is reflected on the Network Paths page.
  • Wireless metrics collected on network paths—To provide greater insight when diagnosing issues on wireless networks, Windows NMP now collects several metrics that are displayed on separate charts in AppNeta Performance Manager. Metrics include Signal Quality, Link Speed, RSSI, Noise, Airtime, Retransmit, and Stations.

Resolved issues


Changes to be aware of

  • Voice and video test ports disabled by default on Windows NMP—The voice and video test ports are now disabled by default on Windows NMP. These can be changed using command line options if you wish to run voice or video tests from or to the Windows NMP.