Week of July 12, 2021 (APM 14.13.0)

See the service status page for AppNeta Performance Manager system status information.


  • Connection type now available on network paths—As a tool to help diagnose issues with end-user connectivity, we now have the ability to detect whether a path from a Windows NMP is connected over a wired or wireless interface and whether or not it connects over a VPN. The connection type is displayed in a separate column on the Network Paths page and paths can be filtered, grouped, and sorted by connection type. Also, connection type information is shown in a panel on the network path details page and connection type transitions can be seen in the Events chart. Note that the connection type functionality requires Windows NMP 13.2.0 or later be deployed within your APM organization and be online. In addition, there are limitations to be aware of.
  • Wireless metrics now available on network paths—To provide greater insight when diagnosing issues on wireless networks, Windows NMP now collects several metrics that are displayed on separate charts in AppNeta Performance Manager. Metrics include Signal Quality, Link Speed, RSSI, Noise, Airtime, Retransmit, and Stations. Note that the wireless metrics functionality requires Windows NMP 13.2.1 or later be deployed within your APM organization and be online.
  • Specify workflow variables per source—As a complement to per-target and per-workflow variables in Experience scripts, we have added per-source variables - the ability to specify variables on a per source Monitoring Point/interface basis. The most common use case for these is where restrictions are in place to prevent simultaneous logins using the same login credentials, you now have the ability to specify different credentials for each source within a web app group.

Resolved issues

ID Keyword Description
APM-10405 Dashboards We fixed an issue where the TreeMap on the Overview page could fail to load.
APM-10531 Delivery We fixed an issue where creating multiple network paths at once could fail.
APM-10365 API We have updated the “limit” documentation for /v3/path/data within the Admin API to indicate that the default maximum number of results to return is 100 rather than 1000.