Week of April 19, 2021 (APM 14.7.0)

See the service status page for AppNeta Performance Manager system status information.


  • Significant improvements to the Monitoring Points page—In order to make it easier to select the Monitoring Points you need to manage, we have enhanced the Monitoring Points page with the ability to search for and filter Monitoring Points in the same way you can search for and filter network paths and web paths. In addition, we have made significant speed improvements so that results are returned quickly whether you have only a few Monitoring Points or thousands. The new Monitoring Points page is currently running in parallel with the old page and can be accessed via the “Let me see!” link in the banner at the top of the old page.
  • New dashboard: Network Violation Summary—The Network Violation Summary dashboard provides an easy way to identify and investigate network path violations.
  • New dashboard: Web App Violation Summary—The Web App Violation Summary dashboard provides an easy way to identify and investigate web path violations.
  • Share button added to dashboards—In order to provide the ability to easily share a link to a given dashboard, all dashboards now include a “Share” button.
  • New API endpoints for Path Template Groups—We have added two new endpoints for subscribing a Monitoring Point / interface to, or removing it from, a path template group:
    • POST /v3/pathTemplateGroup/{id}/monitoringPoint - Used to subscribe a Monitoring Point / interface to the specified path template group.
    • DELETE /v3/pathTemplateGroup/{id}/monitoringPoint/{seqId} - Used to remove a Monitoring Point / interface from the specified path template group.

Resolved issues

ID Keyword Description
APM-9673 Licenses We fixed an issue where Global Monitoring Point licenses were not shown on the Manage Licenses page.
APM-9353 Delivery We fixed an issue where Network Paths could get stuck in a diagnostic state.

Changes to be aware of

  • Trend data removed from Application Quality dashboard—In order to increase performance of the Application Quality dashboard, we have removed trend data. To compare the trend from the previous period to the current period, use the Application Quality report.
  • Added filters for GET /v3/pathTemplateGroup—We have added seqid and seqGuid filters to GET /v3/pathTemplateGroup in order to filter path template groups that have a subscribed Monitoring Point with a specific ID or GUID.
  • Deprecated API endpoint: PUT /v3/appliance/{id}—We have deprecated API endpoint PUT /v3/appliance/{id}. It will be removed in a future version of the API. To rename a Monitoring Point, please use PATCH /v3/appliance/{id}.
  • Additional characters allowed in Custom Tags—In order to support phone numbers and email addresses as Custom Tags, we have added support for “+” and “@” characters.