December 14, 2020 (EMP 12.8.2)

Update for: m25, m35, m50, m70, r45, r90, r1000, v35, CMP, and NMP

Release notes for Enterprise Monitoring Point version 12.8.2.



Resolved issues

ID Keyword Description
MP-3763 Installation We fixed an issue where the Windows NMP could fail to install on Windows Server 2012.
MP-3701 Access denied We fixed an issue where, under certain circumstances, a 403 Forbidden error was returned when trying to access a Monitoring Point Web UI or when making some Monitoring Point API calls (for example, PUT /v3/appliance).
MP-3658 Upgrade We fixed an issue where a Windows NMP upgraded via APM resulted in the NMP stopping.
MP-3604 Proxy password We fixed an issue where we were unable to upgrade Monitoring Points behind proxy servers when the proxy password contained special characters.
MP-3416 Voice tests We fixed an issue that could prevent SIP call establishment on voice tests with call load >1.
MP-2827 Voice tests We fixed an issue where, in certain environments, a Voice test could fail with the message “Unable to send RTCP data from the destination Sequencer to the source Sequencer”.
MP-3031 IPv6 Path Test We fixed an issue where Path Plus IPv6 Traceroute and Ping Tests would fail on healthy network paths.
APM-8445 Script timeouts We fixed an issue where Experience scripts that timed out could have connectivity loss, or display an “Unable to complete test due to unexpected error” message. Now scripts that timeout will display a message that indicates a timeout has occurred.
APM-7094 Network path charts We fixed an issue where network path charts for some paths could stop displaying data.