Week of November 02, 2020 (APM 13.21.0)

See the service status page for AppNeta Performance Manager system status information.

New Features

  • Custom Tags are now available!!—Custom Tags are a powerful and flexible way to group network and web paths based on categories that you define and that make sense to your business. They enable you to filter, group, sort, and take actions on the set of paths you are interested in - especially important when trying to manage networks with hundreds of sites and thousands of network paths. For example, if you are interested in the service levels achieved by each of your ISPs, you could tag paths with the ISP responsible for them. If your support teams are each responsible for a subset of your overall infrastructure, you could tag paths by the support team responsible for them. This allows each team to see just the paths relevant to them. The possibilities are endless. Whatever makes sense to your business.
  • Create and assign tags—You can create and assign tags when a network path is created - either individually or as part of a Path Template. Tags can also be created and assigned within the Network Paths and Web Paths pages.
  • Tags in alerts—Tag information associated with affected paths will also be included in email notifications and as part of the data returned by Event Integration for Service Quality Events and Network Change Events.
  • API support for tags—There are also a number of tag-related API endpoints available:
    • GET /v3/tag - retrieve tags
    • POST /v3/tag/assign - assign a tag
    • POST /v3/tag/remove - remove a tag
    • POST /v3/tag/removeAll - remove all tags from a list of resources
    • GET /v3/tag/{id} - retrieve a tag by its ID
    • GET /v3/tag/{id}/resource - retrieve all resources a tag is assigned to



Resolved issues

ID Keyword Description
APM-8170 Saved Lists We fixed an issue where, if a Monitoring Point was removed from a Saved List, the list of associated paths would be emptied.
APM-8012 Upgrade We fixed an issue where Monitoring Points were upgraded automatically even though they were set for manual upgrade.
APM-8008 Usage We fixed an issue where a Saved View in Usage was not being migrated to a new Monitoring Point with all the other monitoring data.