Week of August 24, 2020 (APM 13.16.0)

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  • Organize your paths by location—We’ve updated the Network Paths and Web Paths pages to enable filtering, grouping, and sorting of paths based on the location of a path source or target. This provides additional flexibility in finding and grouping paths that have location attributes such as City, County, State/Province, or Country in common. In order to sort by location, you first need to select one of the location-related columns.

Resolved issues

ID Keyword Description
APM-7611 API We fixed an issue where GET /path/data API call was returning results with empty data.
APM-7511 GeoMap We fixed an issue where the GeoMap would only show path sources and targets. It would not show the network paths between the sources and targets.
APM-7390 User name We fixed an issue where the user name on the top right corner of all APM pages would be distorted if the name contained an apostrophe.
APM-7383 Voice assessment We fixed an issue where network paths were missing from the path selection list within the Voice assessment feature.
APM-7358 Access tokens We fixed an issue where, for SSO users with multiple roles, the New Access Token page would restrict the choice of Roles to the “lowest” role assigned (for example, “View Only”).