Week of August 10, 2020 (APM 13.15.0)

See the service status page for AppNeta Performance Manager system status information.


  • Enhanced Transaction Timing—A major enhancement to Experience that gives you even greater insight into the performance and behavior of your applications. The Test Timeline page and Test Drill-down page for Selenium workflows now present two timing metrics: the new Transaction Time metric (the time for the milestone to complete) complements the existing Page Load Time (the time for a page to load). You can set up alerts based on either. The primary benefits are:
    • Complete visibility into all aspects of workflow execution, including easy identification of the milestones and commands that take the most time.
    • Greater insight into the performance of single page applications, which use direct requests for content to the server rather than full page load requests. Note: Requires a Monitoring Point with Selenium scripting support and at least EMP 12.7.1 software.
  • Milestone Control—Alongside Enhanced Transaction Timing, you can now control the placement of milestones in your Selenium workflow.  Any command can be designated as a milestone. AppNeta will continue to automatically place milestones at commands that commonly result in page requests to the web server (for example, open or *AndWait commands), but these can easily be removed if desired.  Benefits of this feature include:
    • Put milestones where they provide the most insight into execution of your specific workflows.
    • Adopt consistent timing points across related workflows (e.g. login, submit request, logout). Note: Related API endpoints are currently available in BETA form under /beta/webApplication. Note: Requires a Monitoring Point with Selenium scripting support and at least EMP 12.7.1 software.
  • Selectable interface for PathTest—Previously, when running a PathTest, you could specify the source Monitoring Point to use, but for Monitoring Points with multiple interfaces, you could not specify which interface to use. It was selected automatically. Now, the PathTest Settings pane allows you to select the source interface (Interface Address). This enables you to override the default interface and run the PathTest from the interface most relevant to your test.

Resolved issues

ID Keyword Description
APM-7313 Reports We fixed an issue where, when aggregating by city in the Application Performance Report, cities with the same name but in different states or countries would have their data aggregated.

Changes to be aware of

  • Total Time condition changed to Page Load Time—Due to the introduction of Page Load Time, we have changed the name of the Total Time alert condition for web paths to Page Load Time. Web paths with the alert condition set prior to the name change are unaffected.
  • Transaction Time now used in Comparison View and Web Dashboard - The Comparison View and Web Dashboard now present the Transaction Time metric for Browser web paths that use Selenium workflows. Legacy Monitoring Points (that do not support Selenium workflows) will continue to present the Page Load Time metric.