May 13, 2020 (EMP 12.7.0)

Update for: m25, m35, m50, m70, r45, r90, r1000, v35, and c50

Release notes for Enterprise Monitoring Point version 12.7.0.

New product

  • New! c50 Container-based Monitoring Point—With this release, we introduce the c50 Container-based Monitoring Point. The c50 runs as a Docker container and provides both Delivery and Experience monitoring capabilities. The initial release of the c50 supports deployment within Azure using either the Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) or Docker Compose. Typical use cases include:
    • External monitoring - Using the c50 as a source, deployed in cloud locations around the world, in order to monitor your cloud-based applications and networks.
    • Cloud monitoring - Using the c50 as a target, deployed in the same VPC as your cloud-based applications, in order to monitor to where the applications are hosted.

As the c50 runs in a Docker container, it can be deployed and managed using existing infrastructure. In addition, when deployed using AKS, failover to a redundant instance is fast and automatic. Stay tuned as upcoming releases will provide support for container-based Monitoring Points in additional cloud environments as well as in non-cloud environments like remote offices and user workstations.


  • Report firmware version using the API—We have updated the GET /appliance/ endpoint to return a Monitoring Point’s firmware version in the new ssd_firmware_version field.

Resolved issues

ID Keyword Description
MP-2799 Pathtest We fixed an issue where, under certain conditions, a UDP Pathtest would report no traffic exchanged.
MP-2462 Delivery We fixed an issue where the Capacity charts could show no data.
MP-2038 Usage We fixed an issue where traffic was classified as “Facebook” and “personal”. The new Classification Library enhancement (see Changes to be aware of) resolves this issue.
Security Multiple security improvements and fixes have been made to resolve vulnerabilities we have identified.
APM-6332 Connectivity We fixed an issue where Monitoring Points could lose connectivity with APM after a software upgrade.

Changes to be aware of

  • Classification library enhancements—The Usage Monitoring classification library has been updated with new applications, including:
    • Ad Analytics
    • Adobe font
    • Amp
    • Appier
    • Ballina Beach Village
    • Cloudinary
    • Common CDNs
    • CoolMath Games
    • Catholic Education
    • DepartApp
    • Drift
    • Font Awesome
    • FireFLy Education
    • Grammerly
    • Honey
    • HTTP Proxy
    • Lyft
    • Nelson Net
    • NoteFlight
    • NrData
    • Onshape
    • Operavpn
    • Prodigy Games
    • Princess Polly
    • Sony Liv
    • Stile
    • Stripe
    • TAFE NSW
    • Tappx
    • TidalTv
    • Twinkl
    • Walkme
    • Workplace
    • Zscaler
  • Classification library improvements—Usage Monitoring application classification improvements have also been made to applications including:
    • FaceTime
    • Sharepoint Online
    • WhatsApp Voice Calling
    • TurboVPN

Known issues

  • Voice/video from a c50 on AKS—Running a voice/video test from a c50 on AKS will fail with “Unable to send RTCP data from the destination Sequencer to the source Sequencer”. This issue will be fixed in a future release.
  • Monitoring Point changing subnets—In cases where a Monitoring Point is moved to a different subnet and is using DHCP for addressing, it may take up to a few hours to acquire a new address. To workaround this issue, the Monitoring Point can be rebooted.