Week of April 20, 2020 (APM 13.7.0)

See the service status page for AppNeta Performance Manager system status information.


  • Embeddable Charts library update—A new version of the embeddable charts library is available. Update the embed code in your app/website to take advantage of the latest improvements.

Resolved issues

ID Keyword Description
APM-6152 Embeddable Charts We fixed an issue where the Embeddable Chart script was not working on Internet Explorer 11.
APM-6138 Web Dashboard We fixed an issue on the Web Dashboard where, when selecting a workflow, the selection checkbox could become unchecked.
APM-1821 Event Digest emails We fixed an issue where the “Related Diagnostic” link sent in Event Digest emails was incorrect.

Changes to be aware of

Application Performance Report change—Previously, a web path connectivity violation was considered a violation rather than an outage on the Application Performance Report. To be consistent with network paths, it is now counted as an outage.