Week of February 10, 2020 (APM 13.2.0)

See the service status page for AppNeta Performance Manager system status information.



Resolved issues

ID Keyword Description
APM-5505 Experience We fixed an issue where web paths from the Global Monitoring Point (GMP) in US EAST, N. Virginia were stuck in an initializing state.
APM-5248 Delivery We fixed an issue that was causing poor performance on certain APM database queries related to Network Paths.

Changes to be aware of

  • Properties related to summarized data are no longer returned when raw data is requested in “path data” API endpoints—Previously, when returning data for a specific test rather than a summary of tests using the “path data” API endpoints, we would return properties that were only relevant to summarized data (period, min, and max) and set them to null. Now, these properties are only returned with summarized data. This change applies to the following API endpoints:
    • GET /v3/path/data
    • GET /v3/path/{id}/data
    • GET /v3/webPath/data