Week of January 27, 2020 (APM 13.1.0)

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  • Standard Enterprise App licenses displayed in groupsβ€”In order to make the Manage Licenses page perform better for customers with large numbers of Standard Enterprise App licenses, we now display groups of similar licenses rather than displaying individual licenses. Each group of licenses has values in the following fields in common: Opportunity ID, Subscription start date, Renewal period, Next renewal, and Expiration date. In addition, we now include the following actions that can be performed on a single license or on groups of licenses: Transfer Licenses, Set Description, Release Licenses, Set Expiration, Convert to Auto-Renew, Update Subscription, Toggle Suspended, Delete Licenses, and Set Opportunity Ref.

Resolved issues

ID Keyword Description
APM-5210 Delivery We fixed an issue where the number of hosts found using Discover Targets within Data Assessments and Discover My Network within Network Paths was different and variable.
APM-5367 Reports We fixed an issue where reports (for example, the Data Performance Comparison report) were slow to load.