Week of November 18, 2019 (APM 12.22.0)

See the service status page for AppNeta Performance Manager system status information.


  • New capabilities on the Application Performance Detail Report—We have updated the Application Performance Detail Report with sort parameters and the ability to suppress top offenders from the report. These changes are available on both the UI and on scheduled reports. The Sort Locations By parameter allows you to sort locations and top offenders by Violation Duration, Violation Count, Outages Duration, Outages Count, as well as alphabetically. You can suppress top offenders by setting the Show Top Offenders parameter to 0.

Resolved issues

ID Keyword Description
APM-4904 Experience We fixed an issue where using the deep link from the Experience Events page took you to the current time rather than the time of the event.
APM-4820 Experience We fixed an issue where, when navigating away from then back to the Web App Groups page, all groups would be expanded.
APM-4787 Delivery/Experience We fixed an issue where, on the Delivery Events or Experience Events pages, if two text search terms were entered, only the last one would be used.
APM-4750 Delivery We fixed an issue where, in some circumstances, the Route Visualization would show routes properly when the Range was set to 1 hour or longer but would not show anything if the Range was set to 10 minutes.
APM-4640 Delivery We fixed an issue where hop labels on the Route Visualization of the Network Paths page could not be added after the time Range changed.
APM-4388 Delivery We fixed an issue where, when too many network path were configured on a Monitoring Point, the number of paths shown in the error message did not match the actual number of paths. In addition to the error message change, we have simplified the Manage Licenses page. Now, we only show the licensed WAN and Web path count and not the unlicensed path count.
APM-3991 Alerts We fixed an issue where decimal values configured in alert profiles had the decimal part truncated on some screens.
APM-3561 SSO We fixed an issue where, when attempting to delete an organization, if it was associated with an SSO identity provider it would not be deleted, but there was no indication of this. We now display a message indicating that the organization must first be removed from the identity provider.
APM-2192 Audit log We fixed an issue where Monitoring Point removals were not shown in the audit log.