Week of September 9, 2019 (APM 12.17.0)

See the service status page for AppNeta Performance Manager system status information.


  • Preview prior to saving—We have updated Web App Group creation and editing pages so that the Preview feature can be used before saving the workflow being edited. This eliminates the need to save the workflow then edit it again in order to run the Preview.
  • Faster and more fully featured Events page—We have updated the Events page to provide searching and sorting features and a UI similar to the Network Paths and Web Paths pages. In addition, changes have been made to significantly enhance the page performance.
  • Target IP provided on incomplete traceroutes—We have updated the Route Visualization on the Network Paths page to provide the target IP of incomplete traceroutes for network paths that target domain names. Previously, the target IP address was only provided if the traceroute completed to the target.
  • Retrieve CNAME records via API—We have extended the GET /v3/dns/webPath/data and GET /v3/dns/webPath/{id}/data API endpoints to allow the retrieval of CNAME records in addition to A and AAAA records. Previously, only A and AAAA records could be retrieved through the API.

Resolved issues

ID Keyword Description
APM-4260 Experience We fixed an issue where a custom timeout set for a web path would not take effect until the Sequencer service was restarted or the script changed, forcing a restart.
APM-3702 Performance We fixed an issue where HTTP 500 messages could appear due to slowly performing queries. Examples include the Organizational Summary page and the Events tab for a network path.
APM-3682 Delivery We fixed an issue where the Route Visualization on the Network Paths page would not render properly on IE11.
APM-2349 Diagnostics We fixed an issue where a Diagnostic message indicated a QoS change but there was not an associated QoS violation event.

Changes to be aware of

  • Change to configurable Preview timeout—In order to allow scripts to timeout faster in Experience monitoring, we have reduced the minimum configurable timeout for the Preview feature from 25 to 15 seconds. The maximum is still 300 seconds and the default remains at 90 seconds.
  • DNS more prominent in Comparison View—In order to make the DNS Resolution Time chart more prevalent within a Comparison View we have moved it from a separate tab to the main page just below the Transaction Time chart.