Week of July 15, 2019 (APM 12.13.0)

See the service status page for AppNeta Performance Manager system status information.


  • Import Selenium scripts in JSON format—You can now import JSON format Selenium scripts generated by Kantu directly into APM. Previously, the scripts needed to be converted to HTML format prior to import.
  • Configurable Preview timeout—In order to accommodate longer running scripts, we now provide a configurable timeout for the Preview feature in Experience monitoring. Previously, there was a 90 second timeout. Now, the default is 90 seconds but the timeout can be configured from 25 to 300 seconds.
  • Deep link provided in event data—We have updated the Service Quality and Web Application event objects returned by APM Event Integration to include a deep link to the path in AppNeta Performance Manager. The deep link is the same as the one provided as part of the corresponding alert notification email.

Resolved issues

ID Keyword Description
APM-852 Delivery We fixed an issue where network paths configured with a Voice WAN target type display could data (rather than voice) details on the Network Paths page.
APM-3367 Experience We fixed an issue where a “500 Internal Server Error” message could appear when accessing certain web path pages in Experience.
APM-3255 Experience We fixed an issue where a Web App Group could not be modified when Global Monitoring Points became unlicensed and removed from an organization.
APM-389 Experience We fixed an issue where “View Only” users were able to click a Configure button on the Web App Groups page but then be unable to perform configuration due to lack of privileges. The button is now changed to View Configuration and allows the “View Only” user to view the configuration.
APM-3345 Experience We fixed an issue where a web path could fail and display the “Test Failed: Specified Monitoring Point network interface could not be used” error message in the Latest Transaction Details pane of the Test Timeline page. The “Alert profile unknown. Parameter error” message was also displayed on both Delivery and Experience charts.
APM-2941 Connectivity We fixed an issue where a Monitoring Point could be connected to APM but not be recognized as being connected by APM.
APM-3534 Events We fixed an issue where it was unclear in network change event descriptions that the numbers displayed were AS (Autonomous System) numbers and not port numbers.
APM-1839 Licensing We fixed an issue where creating a network path on a Monitoring Point with no available licenses could “unlicense” an existing path on the same device.
APM-1741 Diagnostics We fixed an issue where Diagnostics performed on a dual-ended path would only display the results for one direction of testing rather than for both directions.
APM-3194 Support portal access We fixed an issue where some users could receive an SSO error when attempting to sign into the AppNeta Support Portal.