June 27, 2019 (GMP 11.4.3)


  • Experience Google Chrome 70—Experience monitoring now uses Google Chrome 70 to interact with the web applications that you target. Upgrading Chrome ensures that AppNeta Monitoring Points stay up to date with performance and security improvements. In addition, the upgrade improves the resilience of some workflow scripts, and makes them even more representative of real end user experience. As with any Chrome upgrade, you may notice changes in the execution time of your Experience web path workflows – faster or slower – and the way time is attributed to network, server, or browser. In some cases, you may also see different or additional javascript errors. A purple diamond indicator will be placed under the End-User Experience and Milestone Breakdown charts on the Test Timeline page when Chrome is upgraded, so you will quickly be able to see whether it has had an affect on script execution.
  • DNS monitoring capable—This release contains the enhancements necessary for Monitoring Points to provide DNS information to APM for DNS monitoring.

In addition, the release incorporates changes made in all EMP releases since the GMP 11.0.1 release. These include: