February 14, 2019 (EMP 11.4.0)

Update for: m25, m35, m50, m70, r45, r90, v35

Release notes for Enterprise Monitoring Point version 11.4.0.


  • Mandatory Upgrade!!—In order to facilitate a more robust image-based upgrade process that will be available in future software releases, all affected Monitoring Points must first be upgraded to EMP 11.4.x. Once EMP 12.x is released, upgrading pre-EMP 11.4.x Monitoring Points will require an upgrade to 11.4.x then an upgrade to the new release.
  • Jumbo frames now supported on r90 Usage port—We have updated the r90 to support jumbo frames on Usage port eth3. Previously, an MTU of 1500 bytes was supported. The MTU can be configured using POST /interface/ or PUT /interface/{interface_name}/.
  • Interface auto-negotiation capability exposed in API—The GET /appliance/capability endpoint now exposes the auto-negotiate capability of each interface.
  • Hostnames can now begin with numbers—We have added the ability to specify hostnames that begin with numbers to all Monitoring Points. Previously, all Monitoring Point hostnames had to begin with a letter.

Resolved issues

ID Keyword Description
MP-508 Networking We fixed an issue where the Network Interfaces page could prevent configuration of a wireless interface.
MP-916 API We are now using WPA supplicant instead of wireless-tools to manage WEP and Open networks. We made changes to some wireless configuration parameters:
- “wpa-ssid” is now used instead of “wireless-essid”
- “wpa_wep_key0” … “wpa_wep_key3” are now used instead of “wireless-key”
- Added “wpa_wep_tx_keyidX” where “X” specifies the key to use first
- Changed “OFF” to “NONE” for “wpa-key-mgmt”
MP-541 m35 We fixed an issue where, after a power outage, if a Monitoring Point using DHCP came back online several minutes before the DHCP server, it would stop trying to request an IP address and would need to be restarted once the DHCP server was available.
MP-509 NTP We fixed an issue where the NTP page could fail to display.
MP-56 Routing We made changes to fix an issue where TCP routes would show as only traversing a few hops to the target whereas ICMP and UDP showed as traversing many hops.
APM-967 Experience We fixed an issue where a Selenium script would work on other tools (e.g. Kantu) but not on APM.