Week of February 11, 2019 (APM 12.2.0)

See the service status page for AppNeta Performance Manager system status information.


  • Updated messaging—We have updated the messaging a Standard or View Only user sees when they try to login and no Monitoring Points are defined for their organization. Previously, they received a cryptic “Insufficient Privileges” message. Now, the message explains that their administrator must first set up at least one Monitoring Point before they can proceed.
  • Modified Experience—We have changed the ordering of the Experience menu in order to promote the use of the Web Paths page as the “home base” for Experience monitoring. The Web Paths page enables you to see the status of your web paths, to rapidly filter down to paths of interest, to compare paths, and to easily edit a related web app group configuration.

Resolved issues

ID Keyword Description
APM-2119 Location We fixed an issue where “Set Location” was presented as part of the license assignment screen.
APM-2023 Experience We fixed an issue where the HTTP Throughput and Response Time tables could be empty even though the associated charts showed data.
APM-1964 Experience We fixed an issue where trial “Chrome Early Access” GMPs were still available as an option on the Request Global Monitoring Point screen.
APM-241 Experience We fixed an issue where the preferred web dashboard on the Web Dashboard page was not being saved when a new dashboard was selected.
APM-2010 Licensing We fixed an issue where, when a web application associated with a Global Monitoring Point (GMP) in a web path was updated, network paths on w20/w30 Monitoring Points in the same region as the GMP became unlicensed.
APM-2006 Reports We fixed an issue where, once scheduled, the Application Performance Summary Report could not be edited as the Save button was disabled.
APM-1617 Reports We fixed an issue where, when running saved report filters with filtered paths set, the filtered paths would be ignored.
APM-1176 Usage We fixed an issue where, when using Saved Views, Usage data was slow to load.

Known issues

  • Empty resource list—The resource list that appears beneath the “JavaScript Errors” section on the Test Drill-down page can appear with no data (blank). To work around this issue, click one of the column headers. The data will then appear.