October 30, 2018 (EMP 11.3.0)

Update for: m25, m35, m50, m70, r45, r90, v35

Release notes for Enterprise Monitoring Point version 11.3.0.

Enhancements and new features

  • Four wireless interfaces available on m70—We have added the ability to use up to four wireless interfaces on the m70 Monitoring Point. This enables you to create paths through multiple Wi-Fi access points (up to four unique SSIDs) from a single Monitoring Point. The wireless interfaces can be created from either the Web Admin interface or the Admin API on the m70.

Resolved issues

ID Keyword Description
MP-410 Sequencer We fixed an issue where the Sequencer service on an r90 could intermittently restart.
MP-392 NTP We fixed an issue where the “NTP Synchronized” status on the Web UI could show “Yes” even though the “Server Reachability” list showed no NTP servers as reachable.
MP-300 Static IP address We fixed an issue where assigning a static IP address to an interface using the USB install method could fail.
MP-294 Proxy We fixed an issue where the Password field in the Monitoring Point Proxy settings was left in plain text.
MP-58 PathTest We fixed an issue where TCP PathTest results showed Bytes Transmitted != Bytes Received.