June 11, 2018 (EMP 10.4.0)

Update for: m25, m35, r45, v35

Release notes for Enterprise Monitoring Point version 10.4.0.

Enhancements and new features


Resolved issues

ID Keyword Description
PRO-201 NTP We fixed an issue where the NTP server reachability check would not return the correct result.
CS-9866 API We fixed an issue where moving a Monitoring Point from one organization to another using the API could fail.
CS-9791 Connectivity We fixed an issue where Monitoring Points may not re-acquire an IP address from DHCP after an unexpected shutdown.
CS-9732 Upgrade We fixed an issue where web paths that used IPsec could fail after upgrading to software version 10.3.0.
AV-3563 Experience We fixed an issue that caused a Monitoring Point to stop returning Experience data.