Week of June 4, 2018 (APM 11.10.0)

See the service status page for AppNeta Performance Manager system status information.


  • Automation assistance—–We have made a number of API enhancements to make it easier to automate the deployment and management of Monitoring Points. These enhancements include:

    • the ability to auto-assign licenses
      • PUT /v3/appliance/{id}/license
    • the ability to delete a Monitoring Point from an organization
      • DELETE /v3/appliance/{id}
    • the ability to set Monitoring Point and path target location
      • PUT /v3/appliance/{id}/location
      • POST /v3/path
      • PATCH /v3/path/{id}
      • PUT /v3/path/targetLocation
      • PUT /v3/path/id/targetLocation
    • Organization ID and name is passed with all observer endpoint objects

For more information on these API enhancements and on all of the other capabilities available through the APM API, see the AppNeta Performance Manager documentation.

Resolved issues

ID Keyword Description
CS-9729 Permissions We fixed an issue where diagnostic test results could not be seen by users with only Custom Delivery privileges.
CS-9534 Permissions We fixed an issue where single organization View-Only users could not view Monitoring Point status.
CS-9448 API We fixed an issue where web app groups that were created via the API using an incorrect interface name would not generate an error. Instead, a web app group with no web paths would be created.
AV-3521 Experience We fixed an issue where, if custom interfaces were used to create web paths and those interfaces were subsequently removed, an unclear message would appear when modifying the associated web app group.
AV-3511 Experience We fixed an issue where web paths that used a proxy to access their targets would fail.
FV-1693 Usage We fixed an issue where, under certain conditions, filtering Top Hosts by hostname did not filter properly.