Week of May 7, 2018 (APM 11.8.0)

See the service status page for AppNeta Performance Manager system status information.


  • Network Paths page renovation (Sneak peek - Part 2)—–We made some additional renovations to the Network Paths page to make diagnosing network issues simpler and faster. The improvements we’ve made in this release include:

    • The ability to search by status, ISP, and network path group.
    • The ability to group network paths.

The new page is available concurrently with the existing page as we continue our work on it. It can be accessed from the banner at the top of the page (and you can easily go back when you want). Please have a look and let us know what you think, and stay tuned for more!

  • Interface capacity display—In places where a Monitoring Point interface is selected or displayed, we have added an interface speed designation (e.g., 10G) to make the interface capacity obvious.
  • Automation assistance—We have added API endpoints to enable Organization creation (POST /v3/organization) and updating (PUT /v3/organization), and the ability to rename a Monitoring Point (PUT /v3/appliance/{id}). These additions aid in the ability to automate system setup and management.

Resolved issues

ID Keyword Description
PV-3634 Reports We fixed an issue where values in the “Out of Service Events” section of the Location Bandwidth Quality report were not consistent with those on the underlying path page.
FV-1675 Usage We fixed an issue where custom applications were not appearing in the Application drop-down in the Filter Options pane on the Application Usage Monitoring Point Details page.
CS-9376 API We added information to the GET /v3/observer response to indicate whether or not a given observer target URL has been blacklisted.
CS-9375 API We fixed an issue where an observer target URL that was on the blacklist would not be removed when the observer target URL was deleted.
CS-8829 License administration We fixed an issue where Organization Admins that belonged only to a child organization could not see license term, expiry, and renewal dates.
AV-3514 Experience We fixed an issue where deleting a step from a Selenium script could result in the wrong step being deleted.
AV-3480 Experience We fixed an issue where the calculation of Network and Server time for Selenium-based paths was incorrect. One round-trip time (RTT) was allocated to Server when it should have been allocated to Network. The timing allocations are described here under “Performance chart”.
AV-3398 Experience We fixed an issue where the Web App Groups report could incorrectly show that a Monitoring Point was unreachable.
AV-3209 Experience We fixed an issue where a Monitoring Point that was connected but not returning web path results within an expected interval did not show a “Failed” status.