Week of March 12, 2018 (APM 11.4.0)

See the service status page for AppNeta Performance Manager system status information.


  • Web paths page revamp—We have made significant improvements to the Web Paths list page and associated functionality. In addition to page look and feel changes, we have added extremely flexible searching, filtering, sorting, and grouping capabilities and have made significant performance improvements to handle large numbers of web paths efficiently. We have also made this functionality available via a deep link available through a shared link or directly from the browser address bar.
  • Streamlined Web App Group creation—The Web App Group creation process has been simplified. Workflows previously hidden in managed templates can now be customized.

Resolved issues

ID Keyword Description
CS-9085 Experience We fixed an issue where certain error messages from v35 Monitoring Points were not being processed properly. The result was that there was no indication of some errors (for example, the Monitoring Point’s system time being out of sync with NTP).
AV-3344 Experience We fixed an issue where an error could occur when updating an alert profile on a web app group.
AV-3279 Experience We fixed an issue where alert conditions for “Overall” alert profiles could report incorrect values in the “measured:” section of the event.
AV-3356 Experience We fixed an issue where the Web Dashboard displayed “Unlicensed Appliance” rather than the Monitoring Point name.
AV-3205 Experience We fixed an issue where applying proxy settings to a Monitoring Point would re-enable disabled web paths in a web app group when the web app group was being configured.
CS-8287 Delivery We fixed an issue where not all available devices would show up as potential targets when trying to move paths and devices from one Monitoring Point to another.
CS-9208 Reports We fixed an issue that caused the office list to fail to load for some organizations on the Location Bandwidth Quality Report.