August 2, 2017 (9.12.0)

Update for: m25, m35, r45, v35

You have the updates in this release when your Monitoring Point version is 9.12.0.x.

New features


Resolved issues

ID Keyword Description
FV-1488 Usage monitoring The Usage Monitoring classification library has been updated to include over 300 new applications including international e-commerce, business, news and social networking web sites as well as messaging and streaming media apps. This includes Airbnb, TripAdvisor, Expedia, Uber, Best Buy, Shopify, Wall Street Journal, American Express, FedEx,, Slack, BlueJeans, HubSpot, GitHub, and Zendesk.
FV-1440 Usage monitoring A Usage Monitoring issue where some traffic for custom applications incorrectly classified as TCP has been fixed.
PV-3376 TCP traceroute TCP traceroute shows erroneous hops when the port is blocked. This has been fixed.