May 3, 2017 (9.10.0)

You have the features and fixes in this release when your m25, m35, r45 or v35 Enterprise Monitoring Point version is 9.10.0.

New features

  • Enterprise Selenium—Selenium workflows are now available on v35 on KVM where previously they were only available on v35 on VMware, r45 and Global Monitoring Points.

Resolved issues

ID Keyword Description
PV-1253 SNMP The default SNMP read-only community string has been changed from ‘public’ to ‘AppNeta’ for new Monitoring Point deployments. Existing Monitoring Points will continue using their current community string. The community string can be changed using the Admin API.
CS-7159 KVM A v35 on KVM is now configured with two interfaces out-of-the-box: eth0 for LAN and eth1 for Usage monitoring.
CS-7150 SSH Disabled weak SSH algorithms/ciphers to protect against SSH vulnerabilities.
CS-6929 Monitoring Point Admin Network interface configuration can now be viewed in the Monitoring Point Admin interface for m25, m35, r45 and v35. The ability to add, edit, and delete network interfaces will be added in an upcoming release.
CS-6912 Monitoring Point Admin If an unexpected error occurs when using the Monitoring Point Admin interface on m25, m35, r45 or r45, it no longer results in a ‘500 Internal Server Error’ page with no navigation menus. Error details are logged to facilitate timely resolution.