Week of April 24th, 2017 (APM 10.2.0)

See the service status page for AppNeta Performance Manager system status information.


  • Network Path Charts—Another improvement to the Path Performance charts! The time and value of the most recent data point is clearly displayed at the top of the chart for each metric.

Resolved issues

ID Keyword Description
AV-1079 Experience Fixed: The URL in Web Path Detail Reports (PDF) that links back to the web path in the AppNeta Performance Manager web app is broken. Going forward, newly generated reports will have working links.
AV-2341 Experience Fixed: Both the current web path status and the latest transaction status were not always an aggregate roll-up of the latest transaction status of each milestone. It may show as error when in fact each milestone was successful.
AV-2433 Experience Fixed: When new APM licenses are assigned or re-assigned, web paths may show inconsistent configuration and monitoring state.
AV-2442 Experience When converting Enterprise Monitoring Points from legacy to the APM licensing, a warning message is presented with specific web paths flagged to have a lower license selected, before any changes can be applied to the Web App Group. For example, change enhanced -> standard.
AV-2460 Experience Fixed: In cases where an account has expired licenses, the Web Paths page only shows a license warning and does not list the web paths. Now the warning is displayed along with the web paths.
AV-2472 Experience Fixed: When “declare” statements or blank lines are present in web path workflows, inaccurate line numbers are reported for script issues found during preview.
AV-2482 Experience Fixed: When a web path is disabled and re-enabled, custom monitoring interval settings are lost and reset to default values.