Week of April 10th, 2017 (APM 10.1.0)

See the service status page for AppNeta Performance Manager system status information.


  • Virtual Monitoring Point—Application Usage monitoring and packet capture are now available on v35 for VMware Monitoring Points.
  • Network Path Charts—A great visual improvement to our network path performance charts: the color fill under the average line and emphasis of the maximum line help with at-a-glance interpretation of results.
  • API—Back by popular demand, the “Observer API” endpoint! Integrate events (service quality, Monitoring Point online/offline, diagnostic tests) with 3rd party web services. See APM API for details.
  • Events—An informational event is generated and shown on the web path timeline chart for any web path configuration changes.
  • ISP Change Detection—Improved ISP change detection to reduce noise and increase reliability of ISP change events.

Resolved issues

ID Keyword Description
AV-2468 Experience Fixed: Enabling a disabled web path changes all web paths in that web app group to their default interval for the license setting. (eg. enhanced paths to 1 minute)
AV-2490 Experience Fixed: Incorrect interval setting is displayed on the web paths with non-unique location/target/workflow pairs.
AV-2461 Experience Fixed: Sorting the Web App Group results by column, does not work correctly.
AV-2413 Experience Fixed: Sorting the configure Web App Group table, does not work correctly.
AV-2366 Experience Fixed: Dashboard selector in “Experience > Web Dashboard” is not sorted alphabetically.
AV-2403 Experience Fixed: When running a preview while editing a workflow, the timeout should be 90 seconds.
AV-2434 Experience Fixed: Cancel, when editing a Web App Group, does not always revert the entire edit.
AV-2464 Experience Fixed: In some cases when web paths are disabled, the available license counts may be inaccurate.
AV-2466 Experience Fixed: In the Web Path page, the Group by Web App Group setting sometimes resulted in an incomplete list of web paths per Web App Group.
AV-2467 Experience Fixed: In some rare cases, Web App Groups cannot be edited or created.
CS-7280 Reports Fixed: The data performance comparison report did not honor filter settings, which resulted in long report generation times.
CS-7358 API Fixed: The Observer API endpoint has been restored.