Introducing AppNeta Performance Manager! (10.0.0)

  • APM re-branding—PathView, AppView, and FlowView have been replaced by ‘Experience’, ‘Usage’, and ‘Delivery’. The product is peppered with nomenclature, and page name changes as well. Notably, appliances are now ‘Monitoring Points’ and user actions are now ‘workflows’. Read more on our blog.
Screen shots of mapping from old names to new names.
Screenshot showing Appliances now called Monitoring Points.
Screenshot showing web monitors now called web paths.
  • APM urls— PVC is gone from urls. For example, log in at and the FQDN of your service instance contains * However, redirects are in place for the old urls so you do not have to update your firewall rules.
  • APM licensing—In APM, Experience, Usage, and Delivery are all available under the base license. This is a major shift away from the previous module-based approach. See licensing.
  • APM documentation—Our docs have undergone a major re-organization, and reflect corresponding changes to urls, page names, and terminology.

Resolved issues

ID Keyword Description
AV-2153 Experience Users can now click a section of the timeline to access the waterfall chart for a milestone.
CS-7117 Experience The AppView timeline and the transaction details panel have been combined.