March 1, 2017 (8.4.12)

You have the features and fixes in this release when your appliance version is 8.4.12.x.

New features

  • Snapshots on error—All appliances now support snapshot on error. When an AppView script fails to complete, a snapshot is presented time of error to make easier to determine if a problem with Experience monitoring stems from the page improperly loading.
  • Port range display—The path details panel for dual-ended paths now displays the port ranges over which monitoring is performed.

Resolved issues

ID Keyword Description
AV-2155 Debug Fixed: Debug log archive files for m20 and m22s could not be emailed via gmail.
AV-2353 AppView Fixed: A customer reported seeing only limited web test results after a 401 response code.
CS-6842 Web admin Fixed: Web admin could indicate that a proxy is in use even if the appliance is connected to its service instance directly.
FV-1436 FlowView Fixed: Not all TCP traffic from FlowView custom applications was classified by the application name.
PV-1490 PathView Fixed: The default interface was always used for the target connectivity test during path setup. This resulted in the appliance being unable to set up paths when a non-default interface was selected. The selected interface is now used for the connectivity test, and this issue is now resolved.
PV-2221 Diagnostics Fixed: Diagnostics could report a lower total capacity than continuous monitoring.
PV-2979 Connectivity Fixed: A customer reported some appliances repeatedly losing connection to their service instance.