February 15, 2017 (9.8.0)

You have the features and fixes in this release when your appliance version is 9.8.0.x.

New features

  • New virtual appliance model—AppNeta now offers v35 virtual appliance in a VMware virtualized environment. Currently PathView and AppView monitoring are supported. FlowView will be supported in future release.

Resolved issues

ID Keyword Description
CS-6823 PCA Fixed: After converting a PCA to use https, appliances could only reconnect to the PCA after an appliance reboot.
CS-6840 VLAN Fixed: When a VLAN or virtual interface is configured, but the associated physical interface hasn’t been configured as a DHCP or static interface, appliances could not serve up Web Admin.
CS-6885 IPv6 Fixed: Users could create an IPv6 address using the REST API even though IPv6 was disabled.
FV-1436 FlowView Fixed: Not all tcp traffic from FlowView custom applications was classified by the application name.
PV-1490 PathView Fixed: The default interface was always used for the target connectivity test during path setup. This resulted in the appliance being unable to set up paths when a non-default interface was selected. The selected interface is now used for the connectivity test, and this issue is now resolved.
PV-2221 Diagnostics Fixed: Diagnostics could report a lower total capacity than continuous monitoring.
PV-2979 Connectivity Fixed: Some m22s repeatedly lost connection to AppNeta.