APM is coming!—The AppNeta service is undergoing a major rebranding. These changes will be rolled out next week beginning March 27th. In conjuction, our docs have undergone a major re-organization, and they reflect forthcoming APM changes including those related to urls, page names, and nomenclature.

You have the features and fixes in this release when your appliance version is 9.8.0.x.

New features

  • New virtual appliance model—AppNeta now offers v35 virtual appliance in a VMWare virtualized environment. Currently PathView and AppView monitoring are supported. FlowView will be supported in future release.

Resolved issues

ID Keyword Description
CS-6823 PCA Fixed: After converting a PCA to use https, appliances could only reconnect to the PCA after an appliance reboot.
CS-6840 VLAN Fixed: When a vlan or virtual interface is configured, but the associated physical interface hasn’t been configured as a dhcp or static interface, appliances could not serve up web admin.
CS-6885 IPv6 Fixed: Users could create an ipv6 address using the REST API even though ipv6 was disabled.
FV-1436 FlowView Fixed: Not all tcp traffic from FlowView custom applications was classified by the application name.
PV-1490 PathView Fixed: The default interface was always used for the target connectivity test during path setup. This resulted in the appliance being unable to set up paths when a non-default interface was selected. The selected interface is now used for the connectivity test, and this issue is now resolved.
PV-2221 Diagnostics Fixed: Diagnostics could report a lower total capacity than continuous monitoring.
PV-2979 Connectivity Fixed: Some m22s repeatedly lost connection to AppNeta.