December 19, 2016 (8.33.0)

This release is for the Private Cloud Appliance only.

New features

  • Embeddable charts beta
    • Beta release of our new embeddable charts - look for the ‘try now’ button at the top of the path performance page.
  • Traceroute improvements
    • The path setup wizard now allows users to customize the tcp and udp traceroute ports when monitoring from m25, m35, v35, and r45 running at least 9.7.x.
    • In Path Plus, udp traceroute may now be performed over a user-specified port when monitoring from m25, m35, v35, and r45 appliances running at least 9.7.x.
    • The traceroute visualization on the path performance page has been updated. In addition to carrying over the existing functionality, we’ve expanded our continuous monitoring to include both tcp and udp routes. Available on m25, m35, and r45 appliances running at least 9.5.x.
    • The tracetoute and ping tools in Path Plus now support both udp and tcp. Available on m25, m35, and r45 appliances running at least 9.5.x.
    • Route change alerts may now be generated for route changes on any combination of icmp, udp, and tcp. Available only on appliance models m25, m35, and r45 running 9.5.x.
    • The icmp traceroute visualization on the route analysis tab of the path performance page has been re-designed and no longer depends on flash.
  • Other chart improvements
    • Tooltips on path performance charts can now be locked into place for easier comparing of data and copy/paste of tooltip contents.
    • The new path performance charts currently in beta now support drag-to-zoom.
    • The AppView transaction performance table has been replaced with a bar chart visualization making it easier to see network, server, and browser timing.
    • The AppView transaction details page can now be filtered using a visual representation of milestone timing data.
    • Improved the AppView transaction waterfall and summary charts.
    • Traffic volume flowing across appliances can now be accessed from the FlowView Summary Category/Classification view.
  • Other updates
    • FlowView is now supported on v35 KVM virtual appliances.
    • The ‘launch PathView appliance Web Admin’ link is now available from the manage appliances for m25, m35, and r45 appliances running at least 9.4.2.
    • Support for RunScript and runScriptAndWait in AppView.
    • The look and feel of the AppView ‘edit user actions’ page has been updated with all new widgets.
    • You can now access the appliance management API when connecting to them via the manage appliances page.
    • Updated login page for SSO to match the look and feel of other services.

Resolved issues

ID Keyword Description
AV-1375 Milestones Fixed: Milestone names could not accept escaped characters.
AV-1429 Roles Fixed: View-only users can now access the web dashboard page in AppView.
AV-1592 Alerts Fixed: The ‘web performance’ alert profile violated after only 1 web test failure.
AV-1593 Deep Links Fixed: A error occurred when following a deep-link to a deleted web path.
AV-1604 Alerts Fixed: Erroneous connectivity violations occurred in AppView.
AV-1611 Scripting Fixed: AppView scripts now have a minimum timeout of 10 seconds.
AV-1825 Scripting Some system-defined scripts have been removed:, AthenaHealth, ServiceNow, Office365, and Google Apps.
AV-1890 Events Fixed: Event annotations older than 7 days are now displayed on AppView timeline page.
AV-1920 Browser Fixed: Users were not redirected to the login page upon session time out.
AV-1936 Web apps Fixed: Web apps associated with a path template group could not be deleted.
AV-1991 Scripting Fixed: Updated the description of the ‘open’ action in AppView.
AV-1999 Scripting Fixed: The AppView preview and debug actions now use the user-defined timeout value rather than a system-defined one.
AV-2012 AppView Fixed: The table on the AppView test drill-down page could not be sorted by size.
AV-2013 AppView Fixed: No preview thumbnails were displayed for failed scripts.
AV-2051 AppView Fixed: Contents of AppView Detailed Timeline page are now updated correctly when using the Previous/Next buttons to navigate between transaction results.
AV-2064 Scripting Fixed: Improved AppView script preview error messages.
CS-5757 Security Upgraded openssl to address the oracle padding vulnerability CVE-2016-2107.
CS-5955 Presentation Fixed: Incorrect icon used in the FlowView navigation panel.
CS-5987 Licensing Fixed: The Assign licenses wizard could not be displayed.
CS-6041 PagerDuty Fixed: PagerDuty integrations instructions were out of date.
CS-6185 Presentation Fixed: Typo on the Manage Users page.
CS-6405 Upgrade Fixed: Newer appliance models could not be upgraded over https.
CS-6415 Appliance Fixed: The appliance ssl tunnel sometimes disconnected when viewing the manage appliances page.
CS-6429 Sequencer Deprecated: Sequencers which were installed automatically when instrumenting hosts with TraceView will be disabled by this release.
CS-6548 NTP Fixed: The default ntp configuration was not working. Users can now manage their own ntp config.
CS-6457 Admin UI Fixed: A display error occurred on the admin page of some appliance models.
CS-6724 SSO Fixed: Users could not log into AppNeta using SSO.
CS-6729 Branding Fixed: Switched branding images back to AppNeta defaults.
CS-6779 Branding Fixed: SSO redirects were not functioning correctly.
FV-1408 FlowView Fixed: A duplicate traffic category ‘vpn and tunneling’ appeared in a FlowView drop-down menu.
FV-1409 FlowView Fixed: FlowView traffic volume across appliances can now be accessed from the FlowView Summary category/classification view.
FV-1410 FlowView Fixed: The filtered time range was not consistently applied while drilling down in FlowView.
FV-1425 FlowView Fixed: Saved views did not return the expected time ranges.
PV-2813 Assessments Fixed: w30 appliances could not be selected as sources for data assessments.
PV-2969 Reports Fixed: The service quality summary report contained unexpected percentage values.
PV-2983 Reports Added appliance count to ‘by service’ section of the application performance report.
PV-2984 Reports Fixed: Location quality bandwidth report now allows selection of ISPs from all reference paths.
PV-2989 Diagnostics Fixed: Diagnostic tests sometimes failed on dual-ended paths.
PV-3005 Reports Fixed: The location bandwidth quality report contained peak utilization values greater than 100%.
PV-3032 PathView Fixed: Alert thresholds were not being displayed properly.
PV-3047 Reports Added appliance name to location bandwidth quality report.
PV-3079 Events Fixed: Route change, qos, and connectivity violation and clear events are now displayed on the new event visualization.
PV-3134 PathTest Fixed: Under some conditions, PathTest did not honor the specified ports.
PV-3148 Roles Fixed: Certain user roles could not delete appliances.
PV-3169 Reports Fixed: The application performance report now clearly differentiates the appliance count and unique location count for each service.
PV-3230 EULA Fixed: Our end user license agreement (EULA) has been updated, and all users will be prompted to accept on login.