Week of October 17, 2016

See the service status page for AppNeta Performance Manager system status information.

New features

  • AppView UI improvements—Over the next few releases we’re improving the usability and presentation of AppView test results, making it easier to identify the cause of web application issues. In this release, we’ve improved the transaction waterfall and summary charts.

Resolved issues

ID Keyword Description
AV-1375 Milestones Fixed: Milestone names could not accept escaped characters.
AV-1429 Roles Fixed: View-only users can now access the web dashboard page in AppView.
AV-1890 Events Fixed: Event annotations older than 7 days are now displayed on AppView timeline page.
CS-5757 Security Upgraded openssl to address the oracle padding vulnerability CVE-2016-2107.
CS-6415 Appliance Fixed: The appliance ssl tunnel sometimes disconnected when viewing the manage appliances page.
FV-1408 FlowView Fixed: A duplicate traffic category ‘vpn and tunneling’ appeared in a FlowView drop-down menu.
PV-3005 Reports Fixed: The location bandwidth quality report contained peak utilization values greater than 100%.
PV-3079 Events Fixed: Route change, qos, and connectivity violation and clear events are now displayed on the new event visualization.