AppNeta Performance Manager (APM) is upgraded on a bi-weekly basis and the upgrade generally requires a service interruption. The upgrade is rolled out over the course of several nights beginning on the date of these release notes. Check to find out when your service instance will be upgraded. You can discover the name of your service instance by logging in to APM and examining your browser address bar. Remember that always has the most up-to-date information regarding maintenance/upgrade events. We encourage you to subscribe so that you receive a reminder just prior to any service window.

There are caveats you need to be aware of:

  • During the service window you might not be able to log in.
  • The upgrade won’t produce any gaps in your experience or usage monitoring history. However there may be a small gap in experience monitoring history, typically less than 10 minutes, at the time your instance is upgraded.
  • Advanced voice assessments and voice/video tests that are either scheduled to start or are running during this window will need to be restarted.
  • Report schedules will be paused during this window, so any reports scheduled to run at this time will be missed.


  • Removed TraceView integration—Following the acquisition of TraceView by SolarWinds, we have removed integration between AppNeta and TraceView.

Resolved issues

ID Keyword Description
AV-1825 Scripting Some system-defined scripts have been removed:, AthenaHealth, ServiceNow, Office365, and Google Apps.
PV-2813 Assessments Fixed: w30 appliances could not be selected as sources for data assessments.
PV-2983 Reports Added appliance count to 'by service' section of the application performance report.
PV-3047 Reports Added appliance name to location bandwidth quality report.