APM is coming!—The AppNeta service is undergoing a major rebranding. These changes will be rolled out next week beginning March 27th. In conjuction, our docs have undergone a major re-organization, and they reflect forthcoming APM changes including those related to urls, page names, and nomenclature.

You have the features and fixes in this release when your appliance version is 9.4.2.x.

New features

Two new tasks are now supported from ‘web admin’:

  • Configuring NTP servers
  • Setting packet capture passphrase

Resolved issues

ID Keyword Description
FV-1387 retransmit rate Fixed: Retransmits count in FlowView now matches the count seen in the packet capture.
CS-5740 USB readiness When appliance is ready for USB configuration, it will beep within 5 seconds after USB is inserted. If an appliance is in the middle of networking restart or reboot, you will not hear a beep after USB is inserted. In this case, remove the USB key and retry again later.