June 30, 2016 (8.16.2)

This release is for the Private Cloud Appliance only.

New features

  • New virtual appliance model—AppNeta now offers m35 capability in a KVM virtualized environment; the new model is called 'v35'. The combination of v35 and v30 means that AppNeta supports two of the most popular hypervisors, KVM and vSphere.

Resolved issues

ID Keyword Description
CS-5693 AppView Fixed: it should not be possible to request a global web monitor from inside the application.
CS-5812 Notifications Fixed: digest notification were missing appliance disconnect events.
CS-5813 SNMP Fixed: SNMP would be disabled automatically whenever any license change occurred within the organization.
CS-5814 AppView Fixed: Web monitors in clear state were still marked as violating in some parts of AppView.