APM-Private Cloud Maintenance

System maintenance involves periodically checking system health in addition to tasks such as deploying software upgrades and managing users (which requires a secure tunnel to be enabled for AppNeta Customer Care to access the system).

Checking the system health

APM-Private Cloud provides an API endpoint that can be used to assess its health. The API call returns ‘true’ if the system is healthy and ‘false’ (with a list of tests that failed) if it is not. It is recommended that you automate system health checking (we recommend once every five minutes and no more than once per minute) but it can also be done through the interactive API interface.

To use the interactive API interface to check the system health:

  1. Access the API interface at: https://<APM-Private Cloud hostname>/admin
  2. Navigate to Healthcheck > GET /healthcheck/status.
  3. Click Try it out!.
    • The Response Body contains the response.
    • If the health check reports “false”, enable a maintenance tunnel and contact AppNeta Customer Care to help resolve the issue.

Note: To access the API interface, you need to use a user ID that has the System Config add-on privilege. See Add-on privileges for more information.

Providing maintenance access to APM-Private Cloud

AppNeta Support is responsible for APM-Private Cloud maintenance and administrative tasks such as:

  • Software upgrades
  • License provisioning
  • User management
  • Account management
  • Security updates
  • Configuration management

In order for the AppNeta Support team to perform these tasks, you must provide access to your APM-Private Cloud system.

Enabling a maintenance tunnel

To enable the maintenance tunnel for the AppNeta Support team:

  1. Navigate to > Remote Maintenance.
  2. Click Enable Tunnel.
    • The Tunnel Status should show “Connected”.

Disabling a maintenance tunnel

When the maintenance is complete, disable the maintenance tunnel.

To disable the maintenance tunnel:

  1. Navigate to > Remote Maintenance.
  2. Click Disable Tunnel.
    • The Tunnel Status should show “Not connected”.

Adding a dedicated maintenance port

In some cases, you may require maintenance access via a separate physical network. If you need to add a dedicated maintenance port for this purpose, please contact AppNeta Support.