As a managed service, Customer Care takes care of PCA software updates and provides technical assistance the same way we do for AppNeta monitoring points. For maximum security while performing maintenance and administrative tasks we use a customer initiated and controlled secure (TLS) maintenance tunnel. We require the maintenance tunnel for all administrative tasks, such as:

  • service upgrades
  • license provisioning
  • user management
  • account management
  • security updates
  • configuration management

When Customer Care contacts you about upgrading to the latest release, they’ll ask you to enable the maintenance tunnel. This allows the us to remotely manage your unit over a private and secure connection.

To enable the maintenance tunnel:

  1. Navigate to > Remote Maintenance.
  2. Click ‘enable tunnel’.

When enabled, the tunnel status should show ‘connected’. When the maintenance is complete and the tunnel is no longer required, you can disable it through the same interface.

For more information on the connectivity requirements of the PCA maintenance server, see PCA operation.