The AppNeta Private Cloud Server (PCS) is an AppNeta-supplied device that runs APM-Private Cloud software. The PCS must be ordered from AppnNeta and is shipped preconfigured based on information you provide using an online setup form.

Completing the PCS setup form

Prior to shipment of your PCS, you must complete an AppNeta - Private Cloud Setup form specifying configuration information about your system. The AppNeta Support team will apply this configuration to your PCS before it ships.

Installing the PCS

Once you receive your PCS, install it as follows:

  1. (Optional) Place the PCS in a server rack.
  2. Connect it to power.
    • The PCS has redundant power supplies, so connect both to power - ideally into separate circuits.
  3. Connect the PCS to your network using Port 1.
    • Port 1 is pre-configured as requested (normally for DHCP).
  4. Power it on.
  5. Access the PCS using the Virtual Machine Hostname and Domain specified in the AppNeta - Private Cloud Setup.
    • For example:
  6. Log in using the Email address specified in the AppNeta - Private Cloud Setup as the username.
    • Use “Superp@th” as the password. You should change the password once logged in.
  7. Go to APM-Private Cloud Configuration to configure APM-Private Cloud services.