Private cloud deployments allow the AppNeta Performance Manager application and all the data collected from your monitoring points to be contained within your network. AppNeta offers private cloud deployment as an alternative when your network or security policy precludes access to our public cloud.

Private cloud deployments can run on a customer-provided virtual machine or the AppNeta Private Cloud Server.

Public vs. private cloud

Generally there is feature parity between the public and private service with the following exceptions:

  • The private cloud (on latest hardware), supports up to 1000 monitoring points. On public cloud, the number of monitoring points is not limited.
  • On private cloud, Usage history storage is 318GB (on latest hardware) shared across all monitoring points with up to 2GB per monitoring point. Retention is dictated by the storage limit or 30 days, whichever comes first. On the public cloud, Usage history is retained for 90 days with no limit on data size.
  • On the private cloud server, storage for packet captures is 1.9TB (on latest hardware). This storage is shared across all monitoring points. On the public cloud, captures are retained for 365 days and there is no limit to the number of captures that may be stored.
  • Global Monitoring Points are not available on private cloud.
  • Private cloud admins have access to system-level and organization-level branding options. On public cloud, admins only have access to organization-level branding.
  • Delivery route history is retained for 90 days on private cloud and 365 days on public cloud.