The PCA is a physical or virtual machine that is meant to be deployed inside your network, and all of your AppNeta appliances connect to it, rather than to one of our public servers. AppNeta offers private cloud as an alternative when your network or security policy precludes access to our public domain.

Public vs. private cloud

Generally there is feature parity between the public and private service with the following exceptions:

  • FlowView alerts are not available on the private cloud.
  • On private cloud, flow history is retained for 30 days or up to 2 Gb per capture interface, whichever comes first. This means that if it takes 1 week to go through enough traffic to use 2 Gb then you will only get 1 week of retention. On the public cloud data, is retained for 90 days with no limit on data size.
  • On private cloud, storage for packet captures depends on when your unit was purchased: if it was purchased before November 16, 2015, it’s 750 Gb divided the number of connected appliances; if your PCA was purchased after November 16, 2015, pcap storage is 3000 Gb divided by the number of connected appliances. On the public cloud, captures are retained for 365 days and there is no limit to the number of captures that may be stored.
  • AppView global web monitors are not available on private cloud.
  • Browser-based single sign-on is not available on private cloud.
  • TACACS+ authentication is available only on private cloud.
  • PCA admins have access to system-level and org-level branding options. On public cloud admins only have access to org-level branding.