AppNeta provides two deployment options for AppNeta Performance Manager (APM): public cloud and private cloud. The public cloud offering runs as a service (SaaS) within the public cloud. The private cloud offering, APM-Private Cloud, runs as a virtual machine instance on a server within a customer network. APM-Private Cloud is typically used by customers whose network or security policy precludes use of the public cloud offering.

With APM-Private Cloud:

  • All data remains within the customer network.
  • There are no external network connections except where explicitly enabled. These include:
    • Maintenance tunnel
    • ISP resolution service
    • Geo map service

Public cloud vs. private cloud

Generally there is feature parity between the public and private cloud offerings with the following exceptions:

Feature Public cloud Private cloud
Monitoring points supported Unlimited 1000
Usage history storage 90 days (unlimited data size) 30 days or 318GB (max. 2GB per monitoring point) - whichever comes first
Packet capture storage 365 days (unlimited storage) 1.9TB
Delivery route history storage 365 days 90 days
Global Monitoring Point access Yes No
System-level branding options No Yes
Organization-level branding options Yes Yes

APM-Private Cloud deployment options

The APM-Private Cloud can be deployed on AppNeta-supplied hardware (the AppNeta Private Cloud Server (PCS)) or on customer-supplied hardware using either KVM or VMware hypervisors: