Suppose you’re setting up a new monitoring point, and you want the monitoring point to have the same paths as your first monitoring point—for each path you want the same target, same instrumentation, same alert profiles, etc. How would you do it? You might write down the configuration for each path, go to the Add Network Paths page, and then enter the parameters one at a time. Tedious and error-prone. And then what if you add still one more monitoring point? To solve this problem, AppNeta offers path templates.

A path template is a path configuration—minus the source—that you save for reuse. A path template group is a container for one or more path templates. It works like this: you place individual path templates in a group, subscribe monitoring points to the group, and then publish the group. Then, any time you make a change to the group, e.g., add, remove, or edit a path template, you publish it again to propagate the changes to subscribers.

Create a path template group

  1. Create a path template group
    1. Navigate to > Manage Path Template Groups.
    2. Click Add Path Template Group.
    3. Name the group and add a description if you want.
    4. Click Save.
  2. Add path templates to a group
    1. Click Add Path Template
    2. The interface that follows is the same as the Add Network Path page, except that you don’t have the opportunity to select a source monitoring point. Go through the configuration options and then click Add Template Path.
  3. Subscribe monitoring points to a new path template group
    1. On the Edit Path Template Group page, click Publish Path Template Group.
    2. Select Bulk Action > Publish.
    3. Select the monitoring points that will be sources for the paths in the path template group.
    4. Click Subscribe.

If a monitoring point has an existing path with the same combination of target hostname, QoS, and instrumentation as one of the templates, it will not be able to subscribe to the group.

Edit a path template group

Change a path template or template group and push those changes to subscriber monitoring points

  1. Navigate to > Manage Path Template Groups.
  2. Add, remove, or edit a path template.
  3. On the Edit Path Template Group page, click Publish Path Template Group.
  4. Select Bulk Action > Publish.
  5. Select the monitoring points to which you want to push the changes.
  6. Click Publish Changes.

Make a template from an existing path

Template existing paths so that you can get them onto other monitoring points quickly.

  1. Navigate to Delivery > Network Path List.
  2. Select > Copy to Template Group.

This option is also available as a bulk action. For each selected path, a template will be created and added to the template group you select. Keep in mind that at a template is the entire path configuration, minus the source. If any template in the template group has the same combination of target and QoS, your attempt to template the path is rejected.

Update a path template

Change a path that was created from a template, and then update the template.

  1. Select Configure from the Action or Bulk Action menu on the Network Path List page.
  2. Make your edits and then choose Save and Update Template. This option updates the template, minus the name and description. Save only updates the individual path, and the next time that path’s template group is published your changes will be overwritten.
  3. Publish the template again to propagate the changes to the other monitoring points subscribed to the template group.