Network path status is indicated as follows:

Icon Status Description
connectivity-lost.svg Connection loss The path target is not responding to test packets, i.e., 100% packet loss.
violated.svg Violation The target is responding to test packets, but the path is violating one or more alert thresholds.
warning.svg Diagnostic in progress AppNeta Performance Manager (APM) is running a diagnostic on the path.
ok.svg OK The target is responding to test packets, and the path is not violating any alert thresholds.
failed.svg Unknown The path status is unknown. This could be because the source monitoring point is offline, a path attribute has changed and more data must be collected so that performance can be assessed, or the target hostname cannot be resolved.
informational.svg Unlicensed The path source is not licensed; either the APM base license or an add-on license must have expired.
disabled.svg Disabled Monitoring is disabled on the path.