Discover my network is a convenience for adding paths en masse. Choose a source monitoring point and specify a local subnet or remote address range that contains potential targets. AppNeta Performance Manager (APM) automatically configures paths to every device that the source can reach. You can preview and customize them before adding, but, because this is a bulk configuration, only the essential parameters are available.

Network Discovery uses ICMP and UDP to discover hosts. In order to be discovered hosts must: allow inbound ICMP echo-requests and respond to them with echo-reply; and allow inbound UDP packets to high ports and respond to them with ICMP port-unreachable. The Network Discovery page is the same for discovering devices and adding paths. The only difference is that ‘Discover My Network’ is pre-selected based on how you arrived at the page, e.g., for path setup, ‘Path Setup Wizard’ is pre-selected.