The GeoMap provides a geographical view of your network status. It displays all path sources (monitoring points), path targets (URLs), and the WAN paths between them on a world map. As you zoom out, sources and targets that are geographically close to one another are aggregated into a cluster. The paths connecting the sources and targets are also aggregated. As you zoom in, they separate. Clicking on a source icon, a target icon, or a path, provides further details about that object.

Only Network Paths of type β€œWAN” that have a location specified for the source monitoring point and target are shown on the GeoMap.

Source and target icons

The following table shows the types of source and target icons.

Type Single Aggregated
Source source-single.png source-multi.png
Target target-single.png target-multi.png
Sources and Targets multi-source_single-target.png source-target_multi.png

Path status

Path status is indicated by its line color. For aggregated paths, the line color is that of the path with the most severe status.

The following table shows the path color and the associated status from most severe to least severe.

black.png The source is unable to connect to the target.
red.png There is a violation on the path.
yellow.png A diagnostic test is running on the path.
green.png The path is connected with no violations, and no diagnostics are running.
grey.png The path status is Indeterminate (e.g., APM has not heard from the monitoring point), or the monitoring point is either unlicensed or disabled.

View the GeoMap

The GeoMap can be viewed within Dashboards and Delivery.

To view the GeoMap within Dashboards:

  1. Navigate to Dashboards > Overview.
  2. In the Network Path Status pane, click GeoMap.
    • On the map, click a source, a target, or a path for more detail.

To view the GeoMap within Delivery:

  1. Navigate to Delivery > Maps.
    • If prompted, specify the locations of sources and targets that are missing location data.
    • On the map, click a source, a target, or a path for more detail.

Filter network paths

You can configure the GeoMap to show a subset of your network paths. The subset is based on either a network path group or a saved list that you create.

To filter the network paths shown on the GeoMap:

  1. Navigate to the GeoMap.
  2. In the Map View dropdown, select a Group or Saved List of network paths.
    • Only the network paths in the Group or Saved List are displayed.