An event occurs anytime something about a path changes. Events are logged, marked on the performance charts, and you might receive an email depending on how you’ve set up event notifications.


Events are logged. All events for all paths in an organization are logged, and retained for seven days. Each entry in the table has a status icon; this status is the current status, not the status of the path at the time of the event. The event log under Delivery > Events shows the events for the entire organization; the events tab on the path performance page shows only the events that occurred on the relevant path.

Events trigger notifications. Event notices are emails that contain information about monitoring point availability and path service quality violations and clears . There’s a set of rules called a notification profile that determines when notices are sent.

Events are marked. There is a separate chart for events; the circles increase in size based on the number of events that occurred during a given time slice. Locate events throughout the history of the path by clicking and dragging across the histogram above the capacity chart.

Violation event
Path performance surpassed an alert threshold.
Clear event
Path performance returned to acceptable parameters.
Source monitoring point availability changed, from available to unavailable, or vice versa.
Diagnostic test
A diagnostic test completed.
Route change
The path route changed.
Packet Capture
A packet capture related to this path started, stopped, failed, or completed.
Monitoring was either disabled or enabled.
ISP change
ISP detection is based on the first WAN hop. This hop has changed.